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A blacksmith works on his anvil.

A woman walks through Cusco, Peru with a flower on her hat.

A woman paints a clay pot in an artist's collective.

A candidate for political office closes his eyes during a photoshoot.

(left) A man blends in with the American flag during a photoshoot. (right) A woman watches sunset on the beach in California.

A guide shows off a large melon from an organic farm.

A man makes a presentation before the Solvang City Council.

The owner and head chef of Rooney's Irish Pub in Orcutt, CA.

A potter works his wheel to craft a bowl.

A candidate for mayor poses for an election portrait.

A man turns to take a photo.

A road crew paves a road at night.

Nuns walk by a brick wall of a church.

A man sits with his guitar in a personal portrait session.

A gardener tends his plants.

(left) A chef gives a cooking demonstration. (right) A baby smiles at the camera.

A farmer picks citrus from his orchard in Peru.

(left) A chef walks outside his resturant for a photograph. (right) A man smokes a cigar in a bar.

A Thai mahout bathes his elephant in a river.

Men sit in a downtown pub and drink in Dublin, Ireland.

Children in Zambia gather around a camera.