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Rain-slicked ground near a cabin in Big Sur, California.

A Thanksgiving dinner prepared in Costa Rica.

Lawn chairs cover the grass at a tropical resort.

A sweet potato cheesecake covered in marshmallow fluff.

Peruvian textiles photographed for a catalogue.

Models wear traditional textiles.

A steaming plate of ravioli topped with sage.

The visitors center at Montana de Oro State Beach.

(left) A chef works on a row of pumpkin ravioli. (right) A sweet croissant.

A mallet used by printers sits on a work bench.

(left) Pork chops cook on a grill. (right) Chocolate mousse.

Aircraft hang above the main floor of the Imperial War Museum.

Japanese sushi with a twist.

Large locks secure a wooden door.

A sampler of barbecued beef from a street fair.

A Westfalia camper sits under trees.