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El Capitan looms large over the Yosemite Valley.

Costa Rica's Arenal Volcano is shrouded in mist and clouds.

The rock shore of a lake in Argentina.

Sunny beach on the island of Koh Kood.

Clouds pour over the edge of Peru's Sacred Valley.

A hotel serves as a one of several stops on the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Clouds hover over a lake in the Andes

Water pours over falls inside Arenal National Park.

The sun sets behind a dock in Thailand.

Dry grass clings to the side of a hill in Peru.

A stream flows into the ocean on El Capitan State Beach near Santa Barbara.

Orange leaves cover a mountain road in California.

The sun streams through fall-colored leaves.

A waterfall in the Amazon.

Machu Picchu

A monastery in Chiang Dao, Thailand.

The jetty at Morro Bay, CA.

A panorama of glaciers near Cusco, Peru.

Pools used for salt harvesting in Peru.

A stand of trees thaws out from recent snows.

A national park in Argentina under snow.

(left) The sun sets behind a thistle bush. (right) A cabin in Yosemite.

A lone tree sits in snow. Behind, Yosemite Falls cascades over the valley wall.

Trees in Zion National Park

Snowcapped mountains in the Andes.