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Postcard: Leon, Spain

Posted by on August 15th, 2014


Consider this one of those postcards that you get and then notice rather than being sent from the exotic location pictured on the front, it didn’t get postmarked until about a week after the sender arrived home. I had ambitions of doing an update (or two) from my time in Spain but after the first couple of days of working well into the night and next morning, it was clear that wasn’t going to happen. Continue reading


Posted by on July 25th, 2014

Seville StormOn Sunday, I will reach a major milestone in my world travels as I revisit a country (outside of North America) for the first time. It’s kind of funny to think that with all my travels in the last years I’ve never taken a trip to the same country twice, but if any country deserves this honor, it is Spain.  When I got home from that first Europe trip, it’s the country I told everyone I’d like to visit again. It’s a place with family heritage and a place full of good memories. I’m traveling as part of my work for the University of Washington and the schedule looks packed. I won’t promise any updates from the road, but I’m sure there will be a photo or two to share when I get back. I’ll keep you posted.


Postcard: Washington’s National Parks

Posted by on August 26th, 2013


Summers in Washington, what can I say?  Long evenings and pastel sunsets. Warm weather, mountainsides bursting with wildflowers, and miles of once snow-packed trails open for adventure. Sure we have pretty gloomy winters here but — my gosh — summer pretty much makes up for it. In the last couple of weeks I’ve visited all three of Washington’s National Parks (North Cascades, Olympic, and Mount Rainier). Traveling through those parks really illustrates the stunning variety of landscapes this state has to offer. From high lakes, to alpine meadows, and cool rainforest it’s really something like a wonderland up here in the great Northwest. I never wanted to live in a big city like Los Angeles or San Francisco but Seattle is different. I’m in the middle of a world class city and only 30 minutes from mountain trailheads. If there was ever a city for me, this is it.  Continue reading

Postcard: British Columbia

Posted by on June 20th, 2013


Summer is here in the Pacific Northwest. The sun sets after 9 p.m., the snow melt is filling rivers to the brink with opaque green torrents, and wildflowers are making their brief but spectacular arrival across our mountains.  As a photographer, the majesty and grandeur of it all is almost intimidating. Everywhere I look there are opportunities for amazing photographs, but sometimes capturing the awe you feel standing at the base of a mountain can be a real challenge. Continue reading

Postcard: Orcas Island

Posted by on May 12th, 2013


Usually when I write these postcard posts, I end up writing way more than you’d find on the back of a 3X5 piece of paper. This time, I’ll make it quick. Last week my wife and I headed up to the sunny San Juan Islands for a little camping. We found a nice spot by a lake on Orcas Island and settled in for a couple of days of hiking, reading, and getting sun burned. This trip marks a shift for me personally and professionally (more on that in a future post) and it was a wonderful opportunity to breathe some fresh air. Life is moving quickly and I’m having trouble finding the words to sum it all up so I’ll end here and leave you with a couple more photos to enjoy. Cheers!



Postcard: Mt. Rainier National Park

Posted by on April 29th, 2013

Mt Rainier National Park Christine Falls

Last week was National Park Week and that meant free admission to some of the most beautiful and photogenic natural wonders around. I decided to celebrate my National Park Week by heading out to Mt. Rainier National Park here in Washington.  Continue reading

Oregon Coast (3 of 8)

Postcard: Oregon Coast

Posted by on March 31st, 2013

Oregon Coast (6 of 8)

This week, I’m hitting the road and taking my office to the rugged beaches of southern Oregon. I’m looking forward to sweeping views of jagged sea stacks and bleached driftwood peeking over the top of my laptop. Who knows, I might even take the occasional break to do some hiking and kayaking too. I know, it’s a hard life.  Continue reading

Postcard: From the End of the World

Posted by on September 20th, 2012

Primordial rainforest thick with strange bamboo and the spreading canopies of big trees. Rugged mountains flanked by black glaciers and streams that run as green as jade. Deep valleys cut by icy blades and filled with lakes bigger than most cities. This is Patagonia, the end of South America and to me, it felt like the end of the world. Continue reading

Postcard: Santiago

Posted by on September 13th, 2012

The country of Chile runs 2,700 miles down the Pacific coast of South America, from the arid reaches of the Atacama Desert in the north to the bitterly cold waters of the Drake Passage in the south. Almost smack-dab in the middle, you find the capital city of Santiago.

Maybe I’ve been gone for too long, but from the moment I left the airport, I got the feeling that I was home. I don’t know if it was the avocados, the wine, or the laid-back coastal vibe, but Chile — Santiago especially — felt like this crazy upside-down version of California. The landscape was familiar, the climate was too, and parts of Santiago could blend seamlessly into Los Angeles or San Francisco. Continue reading

Postcard: Peru/Chile Border

Posted by on September 11th, 2012

It’s dry here. Drier than almost any other place on earth. You would have to go to some of the alien landscapes in the interior of Antarctica to find a place with less rainfall. On the bus ride from Arequipa to Tacna — a Peruvian outpost on the border with Chile — I couldn’t help but think the closest thing I had ever seen to the Atacama Desert were the photos sent back from Mars rovers. Sometimes the bus would travel for an hour without passing a single blade of grass or scrubby bush. The hills and mountains looked like barren and unmovable sand dunes of shale. Where we encountered life, it clung tightly to the sides of small rivers; desperate for water and shade. Continue reading

Postcard: Arequipa

Posted by on September 8th, 2012

Colonial Arequipa was built from stones that look like they came from another planet and has a vibe like no other place I’ve visited in Peru. On the surface, this city with it’s gridded streets and familiar plaza-centric structure shouldn’t feel any different, but walking through it brought back more memories of southern Spain than Cusco or Puno. Continue reading

Postcard: Puno and the Road to Arequipa

Posted by on September 4th, 2012

Four days ago I watched the outskirts of Cusco disappear in the rearview mirror of the bus. In these short few days of travel, I’ve already covered several hundred miles and visited two cities. The first was Puno, a town people visit mostly because it is on Lake Titicaca. The funny thing was, I never even got on the lake. Continue reading