I’m Isaiah Brookshire. I write, I create images, and I tell stories from all over the globe. I believe stories are profoundly important to our humanity. I believe stories have the power to change. I believe stories can bring us closer together and build the understanding we need to live a good life on this Earth.

My life’s goal is to live an amazing story by telling amazing stories. In all my work I look for unique angles that help me produce iconic media for my clients. I dream big and work hard to bring those dreams to life. I’m driven to create and have been obsessed with visual art for as long as I can remember.

My background is mixed. I’ve worked in televisions news, held a staff position at a newspaper, and have a formal education in international relations. I’ve also spent considerable time volunteering as the in-house media manager for a nonprofit. I bring my experience from each of these positions to my work.

A strong and cohesive narrative is an essential part of what I do; whether it’s an editorial assignment, commercial work, or helping an NGO communicate its mission. I’m driven to the thick of the action, I crave new experiences, and work best when I’m doing a little bit of everything.

I strive for transparency and honesty in my work. Teamwork inspires me and I know collaboration is greater than the sum of its parts. I believe relationships and community are ridiculously important in both business and life.

If I accomplish one thing with my work, I want it to be this:  Tell stories that change someone’s perspective, for the better, about another person. I want my stories to humanize people who seem distant. I want to show people that basically, we’re all the same; we all have similar needs, fears, and hopes. And embracing that we are more alike than different is an important step to loving our neighbors.


Story|Forward is the name of my blog and it’s also the name of a concept I hold fast to. I believe that all organizations — be they nonprofits or businesses — should always put their story forward. Stories are immensely powerful tools. They can inspire loyalty, drive business, and build value.

Telling your story with the right words and impacting visuals is what I do. I not only produce content but I can also help you craft your organization’s narrative. My services included photography, writing, audio production, video, and design. From staff bios to building a catalogue of signature imagery, I have the skills to get your story heard.


Writer, Photographer, and Globally Focused Multimedia Storyteller.
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