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Postcard: Oregon Coast

Posted by on March 31st, 2013

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This week, I’m hitting the road and taking my office to the rugged beaches of southern Oregon. I’m looking forward to sweeping views of jagged sea stacks and bleached driftwood peeking over the top of my laptop. Who knows, I might even take the occasional break to do some hiking and kayaking too. I know, it’s a hard life. 

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My wife and I also managed to get in a mini-vacation on our way down here. Instead of rushing down I-5 in a mad dash, we decided to head over to Highway 101 and follow it’s winding contour through costal Oregon. We first glimpsed the Pacific where it meets the Columbia River in Astoria. We spent a night there and watched the big cargo ships move slowly under the massive bridge that connects the Washington and Oregon legs of Highway 101.

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The next day we started heading south. There is so much to see along the highway, that it was hard to choose where to stop. Before we left, I decided we should see every lighthouse on Oregon’s coast. Depending on how you count, there are between 9 and 11 lighthouses in Oregon (two were privately built). All are interesting. They range in construction and location from quaint to downright jaw dropping like Tillamook Rock Lighthouse on it’s wave battered rock nearly a mile out to sea.

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We were successful in completing our checklist with the exception of two lighthouses. On the first day, we missed closing time at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse by about 30 minutes. On the second day, I zipped past the only viewpoint for the privately held Cleft in the Rock Lighthouse and didn’t realize it until a few too many miles down the road.

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The weather was warm with clear skies and the driving easy. It was a great chance to exercise photographic muscles that might have grown a tad soft with work and winter. I’m excited about the rest of the week and pretty pleased with at least a few of the images I captured along the way. There also might be a little video in the works from this trip — no promises but keep your eyes out.

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