Catching up on Peruvian Photos

Posted by on August 10th, 2012

Time is flying down here in Peru. Between making movies and talking to some cool storytellers, I realized I haven’t done a post of my photography since Machu Picchu — that changes now. I’m collecting the best shots from July-August and posting them here.

The photos in the slideshow come from a week of exploring the historic sites around Cusco, a crazy fiesta I shot for a client, and a recent trip to weaving communities with an NGO.

Looking back on these photos it’s amazing to see how many adventures I’ve had recently. I guess when you live overseas, extraordinary things start to seem mundane. I wonder if returning to the States in September will feel like I’m visiting a new country. Honestly I’m kind of excited to see my old haunts with fresh eyes.

Click on a thumbnail to launch the slideshow. 



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