Death Valley-3

Postcard: Death Valley

Posted by on February 22nd, 2012

I took advantage of the long weekend and headed out to Death Valley with my brothers and dad for some hiking. The plan was to summit Telescope Peak but heavy snow kept us from reaching the 11,000 foot summit. Still, it was a great opportunity to carry my camera into a National Park and grab a couple of photos.

I love the light you find in high desert mountains. Some of the best light came right after we arrived back at camp from our hike. I was tired but managed to drag myself over to my camera and snap a few pictures of the last sunbeams as they shown under storm clouds (see first image).

Part of the reason I went on this trip was to see how I would do in the rarefied air of Cusco. When I turned back on a saddle below the summit I was exhausted but not dealing with altitude sickness, I’m sorry to say the same can’t be said of my companions who came down with me.  With the fear of altitude sickness lessened, I’m counting down the days until I hit the road for Peru.

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