Eating my way through Texas

Posted by on February 16th, 2012

Last month I spent a week out in Texas visiting family and eating an exorbitant amount of food. I also managed to get in a couple of photos and a little writing done while I was there. What I came home with was a story on barbecue; more to the point, a story that contrasted West Texas barbecue to Santa Maria barbecue.

You can read my story and see more of the photos over at the Santa Ynez Valley Journal. My old editor at the Journal has been kind enough to keep some assignments heading my way during this downtime between Thailand and Peru. Speaking of which, my wife and I finally got our tickets booked to Cuzco. We arrive in the city on March 27 and hopefully we will start getting adjusted to Peruvian life (not to mention the altitude) right away.

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