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Postcard: Koh Kood

Posted by on December 5th, 2011

I’ve spent the last week on a tropical island with white sand beaches and turquoise water. When I was adventurous, I hopped on a motor bike and explored the jungle. When I was hungry, I ate amazing food and drank lovely frozen fruit drinks. When I was lazy, I floated in the middle of a shallow bay for hours on end. The best part? The island was practically deserted. On busy days it took all my fingers and one or two sandy toes to count all the people on the beach. Most days were not busy.

I feel almost guilty writing about it. I didn’t think places like this existed and if they did, I knew I certainly didn’t deserve to visit them. But there I was, surrounded by lush jungle on one side and endless ocean on the other.

I came to Koh Kood(Kut) after four days of hard travel. I had been through Beijing, Bangkok, and a small town called Trat but didn’t feel like I had really seen any of them. In Beijing I was trapped in the airport. Bangkok moved so quickly, was so vast, and so bustling that it seems like a few distant memories of crowded trains, and almost being run down by a wave of scooters. I saw Trat’s bus station, a filthy guesthouse, a small café, and a funky Thai restaurant but that was about it.

On Koh Kood I really had time to soak the place and the saltwater into my pores. For the first time on the trip, the photography came easy. The vistas were so scenic, I could point my camera in almost any direction and end up with a decent shot. My polarizing filter never came off my 10-22mm. It let me capture all the brilliant color in the waves and sky.

As we floated off of our resort’s pier, looking down on a small reef, Sonya and I wondered why anyone would ever go to Hawaii when places like this existed. The difference in hotel and food prices alone would more than make up for the plane ticket.

A private bungalow, with an ocean view costs $30 a night. Renting a motorbike cost $12 a day. Dinner for two could be had as cheaply as $10 in the resort restaurant that served up fresh seafood and great Thai food.

There were also a couple of expat run restaurants for variety. One Italian place served surprisingly good pizza and another coffee bar had a stunning view to go with it’s selection of fruity drinks.

Besides eating and relaxing on palm shaded beaches, we also hiked to cascading waterfalls, visited a remote fishing village, and explored almost every tarmac road on the island (and a few dirt ones too, but don’t tell the rental place)

Time seemed to stand still out here. No internet, no phone, nowhere to be. If you’re reading this and stuck in an office chair, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to gloat, but this place was too amazing not to share. And if it’s any consolation, I got a pretty bad sunburn.

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  1. Caleb E.

    Looking at the truly epic scenery from my office chair, in my cubicle. I’m super glad that you guys are having an awesome time.

  2. Pam Golike

    Are you really there? You were just here. What a different world. Love you guys…we all say Hi and are praying for you every night.


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