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Gear News: New Nikons, 5D Price Drop

Posted by on September 22nd, 2011

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First, some news via Chase “I can’t believe he actually found a way to make photography a viable business” Jarvis. Nikon is launching a new line of compact, mirrorless cameras know as the “1” series.  This is big news for those who travel and like to keep their gear light or those who like their big SLRs but occasionally want something smaller and more discrete.

The J1 and its bigger brother the V1 add to the growing market of small but capable interchangeable lens cameras. From the specs, it seems the “1” series will hold its own against the Olympus PEN as well as the Panasonic Lumix and Sony NEX series of cameras. I would have been really excited to see the “1” support the micro four thirds or four thirds lens format but Nikon decided to go in a different direction.

Still, the lenses are made by Nikon so there is little doubt they will be top-notch. Read more at Nikon’s website.


The folks over at are reporting the legendary Canon 5D Mark II is going to drop as low as $2,000 starting in the United States on Sept. 25. This raises an interesting question: should I snag one of these cameras for a steal or save money until the 5D Mark III comes out?

Little is known about the Mark III (even the name is a guess) but the single feature that would make me forgo this Mark II deal would be a true live autofocus in video mode. This would improve the 5D body greatly and would hopefully be accompanied by an improved autofocus on the still side too.

Photo via Canon


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