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Getting into International Development

Posted by on September 21st, 2011

Photo by Michele Solmi via Flickr. 

In 2008, the UK’s Guardian newspaper ran an interesting series of interviews titled “So you want to work in.” One of the interviews that resonated with me brought together several people who worked in international development and asked them how they got their start. You can read it here.

Surprisingly (or not, depending on how long you’ve been around aid work) there is no clear path to a career in global development.  All three of the sources recommend doing at lot of volunteer work and internships before getting serious about the job hunt. They reason that it will make you better qualified in an industry where know-how and experience counts for more than degrees.

Ros Armitage who works for the British Red Cross and has the awesome title of “conflict response operations manager,” said, “We’re putting people in difficult situations, so we need to know they can cope and have something to offer… In my mid-20s I was really impatient. I wanted to get going straight into the field, but I had a reality check. A university degree doesn’t give you an automatic entry. Practical experience counts.”

Read the whole article over at the Guardian for more.




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