The European Odyssey: The People’s Republic of Cork

Posted by on July 5th, 2008

Cork, Ireland —There have long been havens of socialism in the world; Russia, Cuba, China, and… Cork?  The Peoples Republic of Cork is another name for Cork city in southern Ireland. Apparently the idea of The People’s Republic of Cork (TPRC) was started by “some guy”, according to our hostel keep.

This “guy” started making t-shirts featuring the words TPRC and various communist propaganda style icons.  It became popular and evolved in to a website that is a library of Cork-isms. According to the hostel keep, the county of cork has always been very nationalist.  Nationalism in Ireland is much different then it is in the US.  Nationalism in Ireland is a sort of liberal socialism.

I felt this was a good story to accompany my photos of Irish graffiti.  Ireland’s particular style of graffiti has a unique branch of stenciling. The graffiti in Ireland is often of the political bent and bears the scars of the war for independence.  It is odd to remember that we are in Ireland just a few years after gun fights would break out in the streets between the IRA and the police.  I thought I would include these photos not only because I find theme artistically pleasing but because they are also an interesting look at the culture of Ireland.


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