The European Odyssey: Taking the Good with the Bad

Posted by on July 7th, 2008

Cork, Ireland — We are officially one week into our trip. Things are going quite well but we would fail to report our trip accurately if we didn’t mention some of the roadblocks along the way.  Today we missed the train to the ferry and spent the afternoon trying to figure out how we would get to France. We ended up with a flight to Paris that puts us in France about 12 hours late and forces us to sleep in the airport. We then had to book another night at our hostel in Cork. Fidel made a mistake or cheated us and we had to pay for an extra bed. When Luke Gebauer paid for his bed Fidel used the money to give Caleb change and then told Luke to pay him.

When we informed him of his mistake he said it was not open to discussion and we could leave without our money if we liked (out of spitefulness or just a convoluted sense of justice I will mention that the name of the Hostel is Kinlay Hose in Cork and that the code to room 215 is 5 2 4). With all the hardship there is always some good. Our room that we booked for tonight is a privet suite even though the toilet and shower are pulled out. Because we missed the train we got to see Blarney Castle. Also we paid about the same for the flight as we would have for the ferry and missed the 17 hour ferry.

Around 3 o’clock we headed off for Blarney Castle.  We had heard from a friend that Blarney was not really that great, so we didn’t have high expectations.  The bus trip to Blarney was a great stress reliever. Just getting out into the country was a welcome change for an urban heavy trip. There was a cool breeze and the country was Ireland green. The walk to Blarney Castle let us take in the Irish countryside.

We then walked up an extremely narrow spiral stair case and dangled backwards, hundreds of feet in the air to kiss the Blarney Stone. Blarney far exceeded our expectations and it is a must see if you ever visit Ireland (I think the pouring rain may have put our friend off). So now I hope we have the luck of the Irish to keep the rest of the trip running smoothly. If not I know we will just have to take the good with the bad.

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