The European Odyssey: Off the grid

Posted by on July 8th, 2008

We just made it to dublin and are about to board a flight to Paris.  We will be out of contact untill sometime Late Wed. or Thurs. We had to scramble to make weight on our bags but every thing worked out, our flight is only two hours and cost around €80 which is the same as the boat would have cost.

Travel Tip:

If you use the low cost airline Ryanair be sure to look at the extra fees. 1 bag will cost you €15 and the tax plus fees will be almost equal to your ticket price.

Ryanair allows 15 kilos (appx. 33lbs) per bag and 10 kilos (appx. 22lbs) for carry on. If you go over the weight there is a €15 per kilo charge.

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