The European Odyssey Day 1.2: After the nap

Posted by on July 4th, 2008

I felt that that London deserved a second blog after my nap.  We slept for around two hours but it felt like the next day when we awoke.  We were still dead tired and the hostel was a muggy as a swamp. We were planning on staying in this hostel when we came back but now I think we are going to opt for one with an air conditioner.

After we booked our ticket to Dublin we were out of energy and tired.  It was seven o’clock at night but it felt like 6 in the morning because of the time difference. We then bought a tourist map from a vending machine and headed into the historic section of London.  As soon as we popped up from the underground rail we saw the Tower of London. I think this is when the trip really started for me. I can’t say enough about the beauty of London.  Traveling for our hostel to the center of London is like going from east LA to… well nothing really compares to London.

It’s clean, cool, and has the most spectacular architecture that I have ever seen. We had a very good dinner at the Wetherspoon pub right across the street form the tower of London.  I had a mint and lamb burger and a pint of Guinness all for £4.99 which is good in London. Then Caleb thought we should ride a double-decker bus. So we hoped on one with no idea of where it was going.

We ended up at Big Ben and Parliament.  After getting our bearings we headed back to the Hostel and got our first good night of sleep. Now I’m sitting on the train to Dublin and enjoying the English countryside. As a side note the photo of the bottles that I included is what was propping our hostel window open. By the time I reached a place I could post this we were in Dublin but that is another story for a another day.

Travel Tips:

Pack light.  I can’t say it enough 25lbs or under. Best would be one bag you could fit in carry on. It will save you a ton of time and back ache.

No Matter how funny it may be, it is impolite to snicker every time the announcer on the Tube says that you are going to Cockfosters.



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  1. Rachel Elling

    Isaiah, after reading the first blog I was a little shocked, seeing as I adored London, but I’m glad that some sleep and food has changed your mind! 🙂
    Enjoy Dublin and say “hey” to the guys for me!


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