The European Odyssey: Almost Homeless in Rome

Posted by on July 26th, 2008

Two in the morning, lost, and tired. No one wanted to say it but everyone was thinking it “this is like Paris all over again”. We departed Chamonix early to ensure that we would arrive on time at our apartment in Rome.  Everything was going smoothly until Brig where our train was delayed.

By the time we reached Milan we could not catch a train that would get us to Rome before dark. The train from Milan to Rome was further delayed placing us in Rome in the dead of night. At one in the morning we arrived in the Trastevere neighborhood and started looking for the apartment. We were using directions that I had written from Google Earth but it was getting us nowhere.

Finally Ben and I headed into downtown Rome to find an internet café or an adaptor for the laptop because Italy is on different plugs than the rest of Europe. Around seven we found an adaptor and wifi and wrote down new directions. These directions proved to be as useless as the first making us wander aimlessly around some very steep hills. I trekked back into Rome (I think I saw the entire city in one night) and found the correct directions in an old email. We tiredly trudged across Rome one more time arriving 12 hours late but glad for a bed.

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